2013 Webby Awards Name Early Winners

Posted Wednesday May 1, 2013 3:58 PM GMT

We still have a few weeks until the 2013 Webby Awards go live on May 22nd, and in the meantime a few trophy winners have just been named.

R&B singer Frank Ocean nabbed the Webby Person of the Year honors thanks to his public declaration of his homosexuality in 2012.

Back then, Ocean posted a Tumblr message that read, "He wouldn't tell me the truth about his feelings for me for another three years. I couldn't imagine keeping up my life without him."

Additionally, Justin Bieber scored the People’s Voice Award for the social media campaign for his “Girlfriend” fragrance launch combined with the hype generated for his Believe album release.

Other early winners include Lady Gaga, Kevin Spacy and Dana Brunetti, and Jerry Seinfeld.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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