Toy Story 3

Toy Story 3

Disney Sued for Villainous Bear in "Toy Story 3"

Posted Tuesday February 11, 2014 4:00 PM GMT

Its fun animation adventures are what movie lovers enjoy from Walt Disney Studios, but it seems one of studios well-known characters is stirring up a lawsuit.

On Monday (February 10), Diece-Lisa Industries sued Disney Enterprises in a Texas federal court for trademark infringement and unfair competition for a character featured in the 2010 film "Toy Story 3".


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Toy Story 3 Outpacing Knight and Day, Grown Ups

Posted Saturday June 26, 2010 2:33 PM GMT

Looking ahead to the weekend’s end, it is being predicted that “Toy Story 3” will once again hit the number spot at the box office with $62 million in earnings.

Meanwhile, “Grown Ups” starring Adam Sandler, Kevin James and Chris Rock is expected to come in 2nd place with an estimated $40 million in its first weekend.


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"Toy Story 3" Dominates, "Jonah Hex" Tanks at Box Office

Posted Sunday June 20, 2010 2:01 PM GMT

With animated films continuing to show their dominance, "Toy Story 3" was the far and away winner at the box office.

The family-friendly flick has received rave reviews, which helped lead the way to a Pixar opening record take of $111 million over the Father's Day weekend.

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