Adam Lambert Goes After Susan Boyle

Posted Tuesday February 23, 2010 5:55 PM GMT

Attracting even more drama, Adam Lambert has made an attack towards Susan Boyle.

The “American Idol” runner-up says that Boyle ruined Rolling Stones’ “Wild Horses” and that he almost “died” laughing when hearing her version for the first time.

Lambert’s debut album, “For Your Entertainment” fell behind the number one spot in America by Boyle’s album, “I Dreamed A Dream,” last year. “If only it weren’t for Susan Boyle! I’m happy for her success, but that album is terrible,” Lambert said.

And Adam isn’t sugar coating anything. “Wild Horses is the one that made me laugh the hardest. I just died when I heard it, I was crying with laughter. It was the most horrendous, sacrilegious treatment of that song!” Adding he says, “Still, when my album charted, it was validating. I was feeling bit attacked, like I had to vindicate something. I thought: ‘Wow, look what I did.’”

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