Sarah Jessica Parker: Off to School with the Twins

Posted Tuesday September 17, 2013 3:48 PM GMT

Proving that she’s quite the hands-on mom, Sarah Jessica Parker escorted her twin daughters to school in New York City on Tuesday morning (September 17).

The “Failure to Launch” star was hard to miss in her colorful striped sweater as she led little Marion and Tabitha by the hand up the Manhattan sidewalk.

And when she’s not handling domestic duties, SJP is all about designing shoes for her forthcoming line with Manolo Blahnik.

Parker explained, "You know that makes a difference, when a shoe isn't well-made, it doesn't smell good. Not that it really matters…but all those details really add up."

"I really wanted to bring back the single sole. What I really wanted to do was give those colors, regardless of the trends, to women in beautiful shapes, and at affordable prices. But still keep the quality. Because if we're talking about a few hundred dollars, those are hard-earned bucks, and they better be good."

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