Paris Jackson's Uncle is Nervous About Star's Psychiatric Treatment

Posted Tuesday August 20, 2013 3:03 PM GMT

She's had tons of support from her family since her suicide attempt on June 5, but now Paris Jackson's uncle Randy Jackson is speaking out against his niece's treatment plan.

On Monday evening (August 19), the former Jackson 5 band mate took to his Twitter account and dished about Paris' stay at an undislosed treatment facility, also sharing his thoughts on the length of her stay.

"I don't like that Paris is still in this facility. It's not right," Mr. Jackson tweeted. "She's been there much too long. She is not psychotic. There is no reason for her to be in a psychiatric hospital this long away from her family."

"I just hate the fact that you will probably still be there on my brother's birthday. This is not good," he noted about his younger brother and Paris' father, Michael Jackson.

"There's something more to this there's something going on I don't like it I'm afraid for her. Psychiatric hospitals oftentimes make you feel as though you're psychotic when you're not . Sometimes they make matters worse," he added.

He ended the evening with a promise for Paris: "I'm going to look into this. Stay tuned."

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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