Listen Up: GossipCenter's Top 10 Fall Albums

Posted Monday August 19, 2013 5:05 PM GMT

Every Autumn, our favorite artists help to alleviate the post-summer blues by putting out amazing new music. And this time around there's a compositional cornucopia of creativity on the way.

Here are GossipCenter's 10 most anticipated records for Fall 2013, ordered by release date!

1. John Mayer - Paradise Valley [August 20]
Making his triumphant return to the music scene, John Mayer has all eyes on him as he releases his sixth studio album. In the aftermath of his vocal recovery, the guitar virtuoso/infamous lothario even brings his girlfriend Katy Perry and noted R&B singer Frank Ocean along for the ride. John’s two pre-release tracks “Paper Doll” and “Wildfire” found instant acceptance and it’s likely Paradise Valley will as well.

2. 'Nine Inch Nails' - Hesitation Marks [September 3]
Fans of Trent Reznor have been chomping at the bit for new music, and Nine Inch Nails’ Hesitation Marks has nearly-impossible expectations to live up to. His first record since 2008’s The Slip, Reznor says he’s had plenty of time to reflect on his career while writing fresh material.

“I was thinking a lot about ‘The Downward Spiral’ album era, and the person I was at that time. Downward Spiral felt like I had an unending bottomless pit of rage and self-loathing inside me and I had to somehow challenge something or I’d explode. I thought I could get through by putting everything into my music, standing in front of an audience and screaming emotions at them from my guts … but after a while it didn’t sustain itself, and other things took over – drugs and alcohol. And I’m happy that I don’t feel that way anymore.”

3. Ariana Grande - Yours Truly [September 3]
Shedding her delicate demeanor, Ariana Grande will seek to prove herself as a bona fide pop sensation with her major label debut. Right off the bat, her singles “Baby I” and “Right There” featuring Big Sean have established Ariana’s superior vocal prowess. Of the record, Grande shared, "What they can expect is to get to know me, finally... Now they get to know me as Ariana. I'm very excited for that. It's very personal. It's super personal and it means a lot to me. It's incredibly emotional and sentimental."

4. Keith Urban - Fuse [September 10]
With such a well-established, longstanding career, Keith Urban decided to take some chances on his forthcoming album Fuse. And following a vocal surgery and subsequent recovery, the “Kiss a Girl” crooner is eager for his fans to hear what he’s been up to.

5. Sir Elton John - The Diving Board [September 24]
Perhaps one of the most anticipated records of the season, Elton John’s Diving Board marks the first studio release in a whopping seven years. Thankfully the “Your Song” living legend is recovering well from his emergency appendectomy and will be ready to hit the road in plenty of time to promote the album.

6. 'Kings of Leon' - Mechanical Bull [September 24]
With all the massive fame and success they’ve experienced thus far, it’s no wonder Kings of Leon decided to go on hiatus in late 2011 to refresh and regroup. And now they’re back with Mechanical Bull and a more joy-filled perspective on music.

Matthew Followill explained, "The pressure was really off of us on this last one. We were our own bosses. There were no bills because we bought the studio ourselves, there was no time frame when it had to be done by. Us being able to take a break, we kind of got to fall back in love with what we loved about it in the first place, which was picking up your instruments and and playing and smiling onstage and actually having fun, and not feeling like it's a job."

7. Justin Timberlake - The 20/20 Experience Part 2 [September 30]
His latest album “The 20/20 Experience” has been selling like hotcakes all year, and Justin Timberlake hopes lightning strikes twice when Part 2 hits stores in September.

The “Holy Grail” singer whipped fans into a frenzy when he told Ryan Seacrest that a second installment of his record was on the way- “Let me clear a rumor up. The news that this is only the first half of the album, that’s true. That’s all I’m going to say.”

He later expanded on the tease, explaining, “I originally recorded a massive amount of material and decided on the 20 tracks that I wanted on the album over a year ago. But, when I was mixing and going through all of the songs, there were so many that I loved – I couldn’t resist … I had to throw in something extra on the second half.”

8. 'Pearl Jam' - Lightning Bolt [October 15]
Giving their long-devoted followers another batch of marvelous music, Pearl Jam spent a long time crafting their forthcoming release. Guitarist Mike McCready shared, "We started it two years ago, then had to pull back. We finished seven songs two years ago and we had to take some time to figure out what we wanted to do. And write some more songs. So about four months ago we started up again with a brand new batch of songs to go along with those.”

9. Katy Perry - Prism [October 22]
From her days as a Christian music hopeful until now, Katy Perry has certainly run the gamut of life experience. And her new album Prism marks a new chapter in her always-crazy story.

Of the lead single “Roar,” Perry shared, “It's a bit of a self-empowering type of song. I wrote it because I was sick of keeping all these feelings inside and not speaking up for myself, which caused a lot of resentment."

Katy used Prism to deal with her own drama and listeners will be treated to a brutally honest body of work. "Obviously I've been through a lot of therapy since my last record and that's what this is about."

10. Lady Gaga - ARTPOP [November 11]
Little Monsters all over the world over can’t wait to feast their ears on Lady Gaga’s brand new project ARTPOP, and she even released her lead single “Applause” early due to an internet leak.

In explaining the concept behind the record (including a custom app), Mother Monster released a statement, declaring, “[It will be] a musical and visual engineering system that combines music, art, fashion and technology. ARTPOP musically mirrors Gaga’s creative process as she passes through the medium of each artist she collaborates with, scoring a blueprint on her journey.”


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