Michelle Rodriguez: I'm Bisexual

Posted Tuesday October 1, 2013 2:49 PM GMT

She's kept us guessing for quite some time, but Michelle Rodriguez finally opened up about her sexuality.

During a recent chat with Entertainment Weekly, the 35-year-old actress admitted that she is bisexual.

“I’ve never walked the carpet with anyone, so they wonder: What does she do with her vagina?” Michelle said. “Plus, I play a butchy girl all the time, so they assume I’m a lesbo."

“They’re not too far off. I’ve gone both ways. I do as I please," she stated. “I am too f*cking curious to sit here and not try when I can. Men are intriguing. So are chicks.”

Back in the summer, the "Fast & Furious" actress told Cosmopolitan for Latinas that she has a hard time finding a mate in Los Angeles. "I'm attracted to manly men. I can't do metrosexuals who get their nails done more than me. Which is why, living in L.A. for eight years, you can't blame me for not having a partner!"

What are your thoughts on Michelle's interview?

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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