Michelle Monaghan Talks Career & Motherhood in Michigan Avenue Winter 2014

Posted Monday January 27, 2014 5:40 PM GMT

With her new HBO series “True Detective” continuing to be a huge success, Michelle Monaghan soaked up the spotlight by covering the Winter 2014 issue of Michgan Avenue magazine.

The “Fort Bliss” actress adorned herself in designer garbs from Escada and Burberry Prorsum for the Brian Bowen Smith-shot spread while opening up about everything from her first acting experience to juggling both motherhood and her career.

Highlights from Miss Monaghan’s interview are as follows. For more, be sure to visit Michgan Avenue!

On her life as a mother:
“Listen, it’s always a challenge. When I had my daughter Willow, it was a whole new ball game, trying to figure where is this job shooting, how long is it shooting for, can I be away from home? My husband Pete is such a hands-on father – I could not do it without him, and fortunately his career allows him to work from home, so the balancing act is a lot easier.”

On her transformation from modeling to acting:
“I went to Columbia College in Chicago, and that’s where I started modeling. It was my dream to be an journalist, but it turns out that Columbia is one of the best film schools, and here I was studying journalism and loving it – even though I dropped out my senior year because I had no idea what I wanted to do. I had this amazing opportunity sitting right there in front of me, but it’s just testament to where your life takes you, and at the time I realized I didn’t want ot be journal. I knew I wanted to live in New York City, and I thought, ‘I’m going to move to New York, and I’ll continue modeling for lack of anything else to do.’ It was there that I started going on casting for commercials, and a television series came to my modeling agency looking for an actress for a recurring role. The agency told me, ‘You’ve had good luck with some commercials; why don’t you audition?’ I get the job, and a former agent of mine in Chicago helped me set up some meetings with agents in New York. I’m still with that same agent today.”

On her future plans:
“After ‘Expecting,’ I shot an indie called ‘Fort Bliss,’ which is a drama about a young woman who is an army medic returning home after 15 months’ deployment in Afghanistan; she’s re-acclimating into society and trying to reconnect with her family. That movie I’m really, really proud of. I have a romantic comedy with Chris Evans called ‘A Many Splintered Thing,’ a movie called ‘Better living Through Chemistry’ with Sam Rockwell, and ‘True Detective’ on HBO. I’m really excited about that project. It’s incredible, the caliber of people I had the opportunity to work with: the writers, the director Cary Fukunga – he did that wonderful film ‘Sin Nombre’ a few years ago; he also directed ‘Jane Eyre.’”

Photo Credit: Brian Bowen Smith for Michigan Avenue

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