Lindsay Lohan Reveals Bullied Past Via Twitter

Posted Wednesday October 3, 2012 11:42 AM GMT

Moved by a recent interview on Katie Couric's daytime talk show, Lindsay Lohan revealed that she was bullied in the past (October 2).

Katie interviewed Whitney Kropp on Tuesday, the 16-year-old Michigan student who was jokingly nominated for homecoming court at her high school, only to have her community rally around her.

In response, the troubled 26-year-old actress tweeted, "@KatieCouric I think what you did today on your show for #WhitneyKropp was lovely. It had me crying. I’d love to meet her. #stopbullying.”

She continued, "I was actually bullied @ my public school when i would leave to film. Whenever I came back… girls & boys would call me names.”

Further explaining the extent of the harrassment, she tweeted, "They would also mock me because of my home situation, when people found out that my father was in jail. They would yell things, try to trip me & more… I moved to home-schooling instead. In 11th grade. I stuck it out for a while. So I can relate to the girls that you spoke with on your show today. I appreciate you reaching out to them. xo.”

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