Kristen Bell Announces Invisible Children Charity Date Contest!

Posted Thursday July 4, 2013 9:08 AM GMT

Hard at work on her much-anticipated “Veronica Mars” movie, Kristen Bell showed up on the Santa Monica set on Wednesday (July 3).

Joined by costar Jason Dohring, the “When In Rome” actress seemed captivated with an adorable baby actor in between scenes, probably because she just had one herself!

Meanwhile, Miss Bell has just launched a new fundraising campaign for the Invisible Children charity and one lucky donor will win a date with Kristen to the Fourth Estate Leadership Summit.

In a video clip, Bell explained, "Not my date like we're gonna hook up, but my date like we'll sit at the table together, maybe we'll hold hands! I don't know, we'll see how the night goes.”

She also noted, "There are only two things I really care about: The Veronica Mars movie getting made and changing the world. You guys are already getting the Veronica Mars movie, well played, now I want you to come change the world with me.”

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