Kendra Wilkinson’s Crazy “Celebrity Wife Swap” Fiasco

Posted Wednesday February 27, 2013 4:40 PM GMT

Looking to get back into the limelight, Kendra Wilkinson agreed to trade lives with Kate Gosselin on the new reality show “Celebrity Wife Swap,” and she had no idea what she was getting herself into.

The former “Girls Next Door” dame switched from having one child and one husband to having eight kids and no hubby, and it didn’t exactly go very well.

Kendra, who cried multiple times during the episode, explained, "Finding out that I was switching with her with eight kids -- I wanted to run! I wasn't necessarily thinking about the domestic side of things -- and trust me, I needed a lot of help with that."

Wilkinson also noted that her husband Hank Baskett had his hands full with Gosselin. "When he heard it was Kate, he said, 'Wait . . . isn't she a bit . . . strict?' But Hank's a very good guy -– a perfect guy -– he's so nice to everybody. But when Kate started to talk a little bit about me, he got really upset."

During the show, Kate told Hank, "By you focusing so much for caring for Kendra's every need and desire, I almost feel like you're enabling and allowing her to focus mostly on herself as well."

And Mr. Baskett wasn’t having it- "Hank is extremely protective of me. When Kate says something about me and asks him why he allows me to do certain things . . . there was [some] drama! Anybody that talks crap about me, man, he'll make sure that they know how he feels about that! He'll go off! That's when you see the bad side of Hank!” said Kendra.

The Playboy Playmate added, "We're complete polar opposites. She believes that pretty much one minute away from your kids is something you'll regret. I believe the opposite, that you sometimes have to spend time away from your kids to be happy."

Gosselin also made some good points along the way- "She said you only get this moment once with your kid -- this time, this age. I have a nanny and stuff like that and she doesn't really have a lot of help. She said, 'Don't let anyone take your moments from you' -- and she was 100 percent right. But I still believe in having a social life! I do!"

Photo Credit: ABC

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