Jesse Eisenberg Gets Rude with “Romina”

Posted Monday June 3, 2013 3:08 PM GMT

It’s no secret that celebrities have a reputation for being a bit off-putting at times, and Jesse Eisenberg pretty much proved the theory during his interview on “Say My Name with Romina.”

To begin with, the “Social Network” star made fun of host Romina Puga for referring to Morgan Freeman by his last name.

Eisenberg snarked, “Don’t call Morgan Freeman ‘Freeman’ like you’re on a little league softball team with him.”

Jesse also slammed Romina for being the “Carrot Top of interviewers,” prompting Puga to comment that she might cry over the quip. In response, Eisenberg chided, “Don’t cry now, cry after the interview is over.”

Romina posted a blog entry shortly thereafter, noting, “Jesse Eisenberg is the quick-witted bully you think he is. He’s smart, sharp, and mean.”


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