Jenna Fischer is Crazy About Cats

Posted Monday September 15, 2008 9:12 PM GMT

Jenna Fischer's character on "The Office" isn’t a cat lover like co-star Angela Kinsey, but outside of filming the series, she's a huge feline fan and devotes herself to helping them out.

The 34-year-old actress is a volunteer for the foundation Kitten Rescue (located in Los Angeles) and has fostered nine cats, with one being named Honey Bear and weighing in at 25 lbs with hiding issues. Sixteen years ago she rescued a black and white cat from her friend’s apartment complex, which she named Andy and still adoringly takes care of.

“In the show, Angela has all these elaborate procedures for her cat. I've done all that – the eye drops and ear swabs. I've checked their poop and massaged their tummy." said Fischer, who recently hosted the Furball at Skirball event to raise money for Kitten Rescue.

With her love of furballs, Jenna even had a kitten crisis line for a year. "That was like being a social worker for cats. You feel totally responsible when someone calls about an abandoned kitten," she said.

When it comes to being an actual “crazy cat woman,” Fischer says she’s just “a little cat crazy” and that her house has a portrait of her long time cat friend Andy and cat figurines throughout it. "He deserves to be the king of house. I want to dote on him," she stated.

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Enjoy the pictures of Jenna Fischer at Kitten Rescue's 1st Annual "Fur Ball" Celebration (September 14).

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