Imogen Poots: Spring 2013 Bullett Feature

Posted Tuesday April 23, 2013 12:38 PM GMT

She's been juggling a plethora of projects as of late, but Imogen Poots found time to rock a few poses for the Spring 2013 issue of Bullett magazine.

The "28 Weeks Later" beauty teamed up with famed lensman Charlie Engman for some artistic shots and also shared her own musings on the acting game.

Check out GossipCenter's highlights from Miss Poot's interview below. For more, be sure to visit Bullett magazine!

On allowing herself to become an actress:
"I didn't know if I had permission to be an actor from the universe or from myself. I have this warped idea that if you really, really believe in something, you can make it a reality. I'm curious about the world and the way I intend to experience it is through this profession."

On what drew her to the Tim Buckley story:
"When I first read the script I fell in love with it, because my character was talking about [playwright] Richard Foreman, performance art, and Kafka, and I was going through that, too, in a very ridiculous romantic way. You read a book like [Patti Smith's memoir] 'Just Kids,' and you're mentally in a place where all of that makes sense. Then something like this movie comes along with encapsulates everything you've been feeling."

On her upcoming musician flicks:
"I was more aware I was making a film about Hendrix, because it was the '60s, whereas Tim Buckley is a bit more children, and that's its charm. Because the Buckley movie was set in the '90s, it was a lot easier to live in its world."

Photo Credit: Charlie Engman for Bullett

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