Hilary Swank Has “Conviction” in NYC

Posted Wednesday October 13, 2010 2:54 PM GMT

She’s no stranger to high-profile events, and last night (October 12) Hilary Swank was spotted at the premiere of “Conviction.”

The “Million Dollar Baby” actress was joined by Juliette Lewis and Sam Rockwell as she posed outside the Tribeca Grand Hotel.

And though she seems happy enough, Hilary recently told press that being a world famous actress has put a damper on her ability to have fun.

“I think what happens to actors when they become famous is they become more solitary. It’s harder to go out just because of the nature of it. That’s one of the biggest detriments because when you start losing touch with people, you lose touch with life and what you’re trying to create.”

“I love traveling and I love taking public transportation when I can and being with people because that’s what I do. That’s my job but it is hard to still do that.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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