Nicolas Cage, Ryan Reynolds, and Emma Stone Confirmed for "The Croods 2"

Posted Monday September 9, 2013 6:50 PM GMT

A script may not even be written yet, but the main stars of "The Croods" are already confirmed to reprise their roles in an upcoming sequel.

According to directors Chris Sanders and Kirk DeMicco in an interview with, Nicolas Cage, Ryan Reynolds, and Emma Stone will all board the new family flick.

Following a prehistoric family learning to survive in the stone age, Sanders admits details are still unknown, saying "There's not much to talk about yet because we've got a big lump of clay and we're forming it as we speak."

However, the follow-up stone age setting will be jam-packed with new life forms as DeMicco explains, "There will be lots of good creatures. We've got creatures that never got into the first movie. We're going to take a very, very close look at those." While waiting for number two, fans can pick up "The Croods" on DVD and Blu-Ray on October 1st.


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