Conan O’Brien Talks Leno/Fallon Switch, Showers with Chelsea Handler

Posted Thursday April 4, 2013 9:05 AM GMT

He’s been a busy boy as of late, and Conan O’Brien weighed in on the news that Jimmy Fallon will take over for Jay Leno as host of “The Tonight Show” in Spring 2014.

During last night’s (April 3) “Conan,” the red-headed wonder, who hosted the program himself for a short time, offered props to the former “Saturday Night Live” stud.

O’Brien noted, “I want to congratulate Jimmy. That is a really fun gig. You laugh, but it really is. Jimmy is the perfect guy to do it. He’s going to do a fantastic job. So congratulations Jimmy.”

In related news, Conan made an impromptu appearance on “Chelsea Lately” as well, stepping into the shower in his birthday suit.

Confronting a naked Chelsea Handler, O’Brien accused her of ganking his studio, parking space, and back massager- "This is my studio—you stole it, remember? Plus, I still have the key."

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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