Chelsea Handler On Newfound Singlehood: “Maybe I’ll Start Dating a B*tch”

Posted Thursday October 3, 2013 9:10 AM GMT

Confirming that she’s flying solo after breaking up with Andre Balazs, Chelsea Handler discussed her relationship tendencies and what’s next during “Chelsea Lately.”

While interviewing actress Mary McCormack, Handler ended up answering more questions than she asked.

McCormack began, "Let's talk about your single situation. I'm looking for a pattern. I was thinking about who you dated."

After listing a few of Chelsea’s exes, Mary exclaimed, "And then just when you think you know where you stand, you throw in – I call him Curtis – it's Fitty [50 Cent]. Handler replied, "That was fun though."

The “In Plain Sight” star added, "But now we're into patchwork craziness. It's boyfriend bingo. It doesn't make any sense." Handler offered a prediction- "Maybe I'll start dating a b*tch. That totally would be something I would do, is date a woman."

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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