Emmy Rossum & Jessica Stroup Chat About the Importance of Clean Water

Posted Wednesday September 18, 2013 3:50 PM GMT

One out of nine people in the world are living without clean water and two of Hollywood’s lovely ladies are coming together to change this dilemma.

While striking a few poses on the red carpet, Emmy Rossum and Jessica Stroup chatted exclusively with GossipCenter at the Charity: Water event in New York City on Monday night (September 16).

“I’m very happy that something we really take for granted, which is clean water, will be more accessible to the people of Ethiopia,” Emmy explained.

The charity teamed up with natural cosmetics brand Origins to donate funds to Ethiopia in order to provide clean water to its citizens.

“I was looking for a charity that truly did what it said it was going to do. You put your money into something like a charity and you want to know that all of it is going to that project,” Miss Stroup explained. “It’s a luxury that more than half the world doesn’t have access to."

Meanwhile, Miss Rossum gave her two cents on the upcoming Emmy Awards and shared her full support for “Breaking Bad.”

“I hope they can take home Best Show,” she said.

Check out the actresses full interview in the player above!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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