Cee Lo Green’s Sexual Battery Case: New Updates

Posted Friday November 2, 2012 10:00 AM GMT

He’s been accused of some pretty serious crimes, and Cee-Lo Green could be in deep trouble if what his accuser says turns out to be true.

The “Crazy” singer supposedly slipped an unidentified woman ecstasy and forced her to have sex with him after an encounter at a Los Angeles restaurant back in July.

And the plaintiff reportedly recorded a phone conversation between herself and the “Voice” stud in which he admits giving her MDMA.

However, the woman’s story doesn’t seem to check out- she claims she was rendered unconscious by the drug and woke up naked in Cee Lo’s bed, but ecstasy is a stimulant that would have kept her up for hours.

Furthermore, Green’s camp claims that the woman first called Cee Lo’s manager looking for hush money, and when it didn’t pan out she finally called the cops to file a report.

Nevertheless, the LAPD is currently investigating all angles of the allegations, and will turn things over to the District Attorney’s office if and when they find hard evidence of any wrongdoing.

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