Brooke Burke Charvet in New You Spring 2014: I Regret Having A Marriage That Didn't Work

Posted Thursday January 30, 2014 1:38 PM GMT

She struggled with a tough divorce from Garth Fisher in 2005, and now Brooke Burke Charvet reveals the impact it caused on her life in New You magazine's Spring 2014 issue.

During her interview with the publication, the 42-year-old TV personality opened up about the lesson she learned from her experience with Garth and shared details about her marriage to her husband Dave Charvet.

Highlights from Miss Burk- Charvet's Q&A session are as follows. For more, be sure to visit New You!

On her divorce from Garth:
"I regret having a marriage that didn't work, because divorce is 'forever' for children. I regret that my two oldest daughters have to grow up knowing that sometimes a family falls apart. That's my heartbreaking life lesson. But I'm happy that they can see love now."

On her life with Dave:
"I feel more accomplished because I have a family and I'm very lucky to be in a loving marriage with a man that I'm in love with and he's in love with me. That's, like, amazing so in that I find beauty."

On her children:
"They educate me every day. I've learned how to be flexible, and how to listen. I've learned how to accept people for who they are. They have different personalities - what works with one fails with another. I've learned to speak a different language with each of my children."

On her body as she ages:
"Forties started out a little bit rough because there have been some challenging life issues but physically feel better today than I did in my thirties. I feel like there is a number of reasons: I know myself better. I have boundaries, a louder voice and I know myself as a woman. I know my body better, how to dress my body and I have a better sense of style. I am also more experienced."

Photo Credit: Justin Stephens for New You

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