Beyonce Knowles Unleashes “Self-Titled” Video Part 3: “Run ‘N Gun”

Posted Thursday December 26, 2013 9:45 AM GMT

Still basking in the glory of her surprise fifth album release, Beyoncé Knowles posted part 3 of her “Self-Titled” documentary on Christmas Day (December 25).

The “Crazy in Love” singer looks fabulous in the latest clip, titled “Run ‘N Gun,” and she explains that she had to choose from over 80 songs for her record.

Beyonce noted, “It was the songs that were more effortless for me that stuck around. It wasn’t about any ego. We weren’t trying to make a hit record, we were just trying to have fun.”

Knowles also mentioned that she had a blast making the various videos that went along with the visual album. “If it was my choice, I would never have a permit. I would just get in the car, get a camera, and we just shoot. And trust me, we tried.”


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