Bethenny Frankel in Health December 2013: You Have To Do Things To Love Yourself

Posted Monday December 16, 2013 1:58 PM GMT

Taking time away from the set of her self-titled talk show, Bethenny Frankel graced the cover of Health magazine's December 2013 issue.

While rocking a few poses for the Ruven Afanador-shot spread, the 43-year-old TV personality opened up moving on from her divorce from ex-hubby Jason Hobby and the criticism she faces everyday.

Highlights from Miss Frankel's interview are as follows. For more, be sure to pay a visit to Health!

On her social media fans:
"My Twitter audience can be great. They can be harsh. Ellen says to never buy into any of it. Don't buy into the haters. Don't buy into the lovers. But I get a lot of inspiration from people on social media. I think you learn a lot about people; you learn what they like. It's a good place to connect."

On her new life:
"You have to do things to love yourself. You go through self-destructive phases, when you're in a difficult time in your life and you feel fragile and a little self-destructive. And then you have moments of being strong. You do the best you can. I'm no different from any other woman. I beat myself up. I expect things from people in relationships and don't often get what I need and have to accept that."

On her fitness routine:
"I don't have time to exercise. I could always stay thin, but I'd like to be fit. But what happens is if I go for four days to a spa, I'll work out for four days. It comes back. But I have to get a rhythm, and it's hard right now. I want to be a great mom and spend a lot of time with Bryn, and I'd never take an hour away from her to work out."

On her body:
"I'm not overly concerned. I like that I have a nice figure, but I don't feel any pressure about it. It's not the thing that people identify me with. I mean, they do, but it's not who I think I am. I'm flawed. I've created a success based on being flawed."

Photo Credit: Ruven Afanador for Health

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