Anna Paquin & Stephen Moyer: Time Warner Cable Commercial Couple

Posted Thursday December 12, 2013 1:43 PM GMT

Teaming up for some promotional duties, Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer shot an advertisement for Time Warner Cable on Wednesday afternoon (December 11).

The “True Blood” costars/real-life spouses seemed to be in good spirits, as Paquin donned a pretty blue dress and white cardigan as she held her hubby’s arm.

And while Moyer’s latest project “The Sound of Music Live” scored a seven-year ratings high for NBC (for a Thursday night, non-sports broadcast), Stephen didn’t exactly win over the critics with his depiction of Captain Von Trapp.

A review from Variety lamented, “Still, the Maria-Von Trapp relationship has its problematic aspects under the best of circumstances, and Underwood and Moyer didn’t come close to threading that needle. Given the absence of chemistry, one could be forgiven for hoping he’d lapse into True Blood mode and simply bite her neck.”

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