Ryan Seacrest Explains Minaj/Carey “American Idol” Fracas

Posted Wednesday October 3, 2012 2:40 PM GMT

Last night (October 2) they got into a verbal skirmish over an “American Idol” contestant’s audition, but according to Ryan Seacrest there’s nothing to fear for Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey.

During his KIIS FM radio show, the handsome host explained, "These are all very different individuals with different perspectives and different opinions that provide for interesting conversation and dialogue and feedback for the contestants."

"[There's] nothing wrong with disagreeing . . . That's gonna happen, and it's okay," Seacrest added reassuringly.

"It got heated between Nicki and Mariah. It was intense! I'll be honest with you . .. It went far last night. It did get intense."

During the incident, Nicki was offended at Mariah’s aloof attitude, stating, "I told them I'm not f**kin' putting up with her f**king highness over there. Figure it the f**k out. Figure it out."

Photo Credit: Fox

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